Brampton Branch walk 1st July 2022

Our chairman, David McPhie, will be arranging another Brampton Branch walk on the evening of Friday July 1st, meet at the Stephenson Statue outside the Chesterfield Railway Station at 6.00 pm.

We recommend you park in the Durrant Road, Chesterfield car park and that some of the group park in Morrisons area (bottom of Walton Road) – for lifts backwards afterwards. (Note that Morrisons has time limited parking).

We had 16 participants last year, so we are hoping to that this time.

The Brampton Branch was former Midland Railway branch line which deviated from the mainline just south of Chesterfield Railway Station. It went up to near Morrisons on Chatsworth Road, serving various industries on its way. Parts are still traceable today and we’ll be exploring these on our walk.