History Books

Hasland Times Past

by Maureen Pearce

A potted history of Hasland, it’s people, buildings, shops, etc.

With 24 black and white photographs from Hasland’s past.

Price: £????


Wingerworth Landscape
A Historical Guide

by David G Edwards

A comprehensive guide to the history Wingerworth, it’s people, buildings, shops, roads and railways, agriculture and woodland, education and recreation. A excellent book with full References and Bibliography

With 16 black and white photographs from Wingerworth’s’s past.



The Glumangate Story

by David G Edwards

A detailed history of Glumangate, one of Chesterfield’s oldest roads. Based upon it’s buildings and occupants. etc.

With 15 black and white photographs and numerous illustrations.

Price: £????


Robinsons & Sons

Compiled by Chesterfield & District Local History Society

A commemorative booklet detailing one of Chesterfield’s largest companies.

With 55 black and white photographs and illustrations of Robinsons’ achievements, family, businesses and employees.

Price: £????



The Smiths of Chesterfield

by Philip Robinson

“The Smiths of Chesterfield” is more than the story of the rise and fall of an important manufactory. It is the story of the people and places whose lives and conditions were influenced and modified by the growth of industry in this part of England. Told with a rare combination of warm human sympathy, technical accuracy, and business acumen the tale unfolds in an easy and absorbing manner. This book will be of interest and value to all who love Derbyshire, as well as to those historians, economists, industrialists, engineers and foundrymen who are prepared to learn from the examples and the mistakes of others. The book is charmingly illustrated by sketches which give an accurate and vivid picture of 18th century industrial England.

F. NIXON, B.Sc., M.I.Mech.E., F.R.A*.S.
Chief Quality Engineer,
Aero Division,
Rolls Royce Limited. Derby.