History Papers


This page will list all the Society’s History Papers. These papers, written by members over the last 25 years, are currently being converted to .pdf files so they can be read online or downloaded and printed out as an eBook. Unfortunately this is a great deal of work and will take some time for them all to be converted.

1 – The Zig Zag Railway

By L Garlick

2 – “Old Chesterfield” – Interesting reminiscences by Ex-Alderman Dronfield (Part1)

By Brian Austin


3 – Chesterfield’s Monster Cakes

By B Austin

4 – The British School, Hollis Lane

By Les Garlic


5 – St. George’s Works – One Department of T.P. Woods

By Brian Smith


6 – Chesterfield Waterworks

By S L Garlic


7 – “Old Chesterfield” – Interesting reminiscences by Ex-Alderman Dronfield (Part2)

By Brian Austin

8 – Brampton Enclosure Act 1815 – Details of the Award of 1827

By Mrs NK Webb – Introduction by Mrs M Hawkins (from Penguin Encyclopedia)

9 – Henry Priestly & his Brickworks

By Peter and Maeve Hawkins

10 – Who Lived on Low Pavement, Chesterfield?

By Brian Smith & David E Jenkins


11 – Who were the Ironmasters of North East Derbyshire – 1760 – 1830?

By David Jenkins

12 – Chesterfield Race Course

By Anne Stone

Chesterfield race course

13 – The Chesterfield Silk Mill

By G Wraith and DE Jenkins


14 – The Great Lace-Working Machine of Chesterfield

By Brian Austin

15 – The Crich Mineral Line

By S L Garlic


16 – Chesterfield’s Last Town Crier

By Brian Austin

17 – Motor Omnibuses in Chesterfield & District 1912 – 1950

By Brian Smith

18 – Mr A Seaman’s Photographic Establishment (1886)

By B Austin

19 – The Hunloke Mausoleum at Wingerworth

By David Edwards

20 – The Whitecotes Colliery at Boythorpe

By Alec Jackson & David Jenkins


21 – Calow Iron Works, Coal Mines and Brickworks

By Brian Smith

22 – Random Recollections of Chesterfield – 50 Years ago

By “A Sexagenarian” (Specially written for the Derbyshire Courier)
(Derbyshire Courier 11th August 1877)

23 – A brief History of Bradbury Hall

By Maeve Hawkins

bradbury hall

24 – Turnpikes South & West of Chesterfield – Part One: The Birkin Lane and Tupton & Ashover Trust

By Roger D Hartley
Birkin Lane Toll Bar Cottage (after modernisation)
Birkin Lane Toll Bar Cottage (Modernised)

25 – Turnpikes South & West of Chesterfield – Part Two: The Chesterfield to Matlock Bridge & Rowsley Bridge Trust

By Roger D Hartley


26 – Chesterfield’s Elephant Stampede

By John Lilley

27 – WG Grace & the United South XI in Derbyshire

By Roger D Hartley


28 – Father Edmund Von Wurtzburg

By Sandra Struggles


29 – In & Out of Derbyshire. Boundry Changes to the Historic Shire

By Roger D Hartley

30 – John Ogilby, Master Map Maker

By Sandra Struggles

31 – Monkwood Colliery and  Oliver & Company of Chesterfield

By Peter Hawkins


32 – Our Chesterfield Water

By Douglas Spencer

33 – The Bentincks

By Sandra Struggles


34 – The Old Shambles

By George Bailey
(Written in 1881)


35 – The Canal Tavern

by Philip Cousins


36 – Frederick Calder: Headmaster & Rector

By David Edwards


Frederick Calder: Headmaster & Rector

37 – Wagon Works Ltd. Chatsworth Wagon Works, Old Whittington

By Alec Jackson


38 – Lady Ottoline Morrell

By Sandra Struggles