News from the Committee

Members may remember that at the AGM last February we were short of volunteers for the position of committee members. At the last committee meeting held on the 13th September it was decided to co-opt Christine Merrick onto the committee. Christine organised the walk round Old Whittington during the summer and guided Barry Bingham through his talk on Old Whittington at the September meeting.

People who attended the meetings at the end of the last session will be aware that the meeting room did on occasion get rather full and consequently rather hot. Even worse we were reaching the limit imposed by the number of chairs available. In future all meetings will be held in the Church except on the rare occasions that the Church requires it. Entry will be from the front of the Church and not from the rear to avoid the risk of someone falling down the awkward steps between the front and the rear.

Future meetings

November 15th

The Social History of Railways

Godfrey Holmes


We already have one volunteer for the Member’s evening on December 13th – we could do with another one or two speakers for a short presentation of about 20 minutes.


We now have three volunteers and a possible fourth – please put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.