We need a new secretary – can you help us?

Our secretary Christine Merrick has indicated that she wants to step down at our Annual General Meeting in February (but remain on our committee). Consequently, we need a new secretary. Could you help us fill this role?

What’s the basic role?

You’ll need to attend our committee meetings, which normally occur three times a year. Additionally, there’s an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February each year. As secretary you will liaise with the committee to compile the agenda, take minutes of the meetings, and circulate them to the committee of about eight, by email. Don’t worry if you have not written minutes or agendas before as plenty of support will be given. Any printing or postage costs will be reimbursed.

You’ll have your own society email address and act as a contact point for emails from members of the public (about three to four a month) ‒ normally forwarding these to other committee members for their attention.

What the secretary doesn’t have to do!

Other committee members look after our talks programme, newsletter, journal, Facebook page, website, membership subscriptions, finances and room bookings.

You won’t be expected to do any public speaking, nor is it essential to attend every one of our members/public monthly talks (the ones we hold on Monday evenings).

Can you help us?

If you are interested in this role, which helps support the work of CADLHS, and would like to discuss it further please email our Chairman David McPhie on