Chronology 5: 2000 onwards

Welcome to the final part of our Chronology of Chesterfield’s History.

On this page we set-out the history of Chesterfield from 2000 onwards, but you find that it is lacking much information – for which we apologise. At some stage we hope to rectify this.

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  • 1 – Early History to 1599 (This section has been thoroughly revised and was first published in July 2023).
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  • 3 – 1800 to 1899 (This section was last revised in March 2023. We are are working on a completely new revision, hopefully to be published soon).
  • 4 – 1900 to 1999 (This section was last revised in March 2023 – but we are are working on a completely new revision).

Sources used in compiling our chronology are listed in the introduction.

Chronology of Chesterfield’s history 5: 2000 onwards

2000 Vicar Lane Shopping Centre opened.

2007 Continuous heavy rain caused rivers Hipper, Rother and Drone to burst their banks.

2007 Fire at Somerfield Store threatens the Pavements Centre.

2011 The former Manor College buildings (formerly the Central Schools opened in 1900 and later the Harry Cropper School) on Ashgate Road are demolished to make way for a new healthcare facility. [The medical facility is confusingly and incorrectly officially named ‘The Manor House Ashgate’, or ‘Ashgate Manor’, though the manor name appears to have been derived from the former Central Schools partner building on Old Road next to Ashgate Manor!]

2015 Chesterfield Hotel, for many years the most prestigious hotel in the town, closed.

2022 Chesterfield Hotel demolished.