A typical meeting at St Thomas Centre.

Meetings are held at St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3AW and start at 7:30 pm unless otherwise stated. There are no meetings in January.

There is usually a talk or presentation on a subject about, or related to, the history of Chesterfield and surrounding districts.

Admission is free for members and for visitors the charge is £3. Free parking is available on site or on neighbouring streets.

Our next meetings are as follows:

Outdoor meeting – Friday 1 July 2022

Our chairman, David McPhie, will be arranging another Brampton Branch walk on the evening of Friday July 1st, meet at the Stephenson Statue outside the Chesterfield Railway Station at 6.00 pm.

We recommend you park in the Durrant Road, Chesterfield car park and that some of the group park in Morrisons area (bottom of Walton Road) – for lifts backwards afterwards. (Note that Morrisons has time limited parking).

We had 16 participants last year, so we are hoping to that this time.

The Brampton Branch was former Midland Railway branch line which deviated from the mainline just south of Chesterfield Railway Station. It went up to near Morrisons on Chatsworth Road, serving various industries on its way. Parts are still traceable today and we’ll be exploring these on our walk.

July 18th

The Remediation of the Avenue Coking Works, Wingerworth – The biggest Environmental Clean-up in Europe

Clive Paxton BSc. (Hons). MICE. C.Eng. Senior Associate Director of Construction (Retired!) and David Stewar MEng (Hons) MICE C. Eng, Senior Associate Director. 

Some of us will still remember the the Avenue Works, which produced coke from coal. This sounds pretty harmless, but produced a number of noxious by-products, most of which were used and sold-on by these former National Coal Board 1950s established works. Inevitably the works site became polluted. So just how was the site cleaned up and made reusable? Find out in this talk.

August 15th

Water Voles in Derbyshire: the story of one of Britain’s most endangered mammals

Christine Gregory

A change for our normal subject matter with a slideshow presented by the author. This will focus on how and where water voles live in Derbyshire. 

A Derbyshire Dales resident for over thirty years, Christine has been following, studying and photographing wildlife, in particular brown hares, and water voles. She has produced books on these and on the river Bradford, in the Derbyshire Dales.

September 19th

The Holywell Street excavations

Tristan Glover

Tristan has worked for York Archaeology for about six years. He led the excavations by the Nottingham team in the Holywell Street car park and drafted the report. Apart from talking about the excavation and what it found, he is bringing a selection of pottery from various sites for us to view.

October 17th

100 years of Chesterfield Music

David McPhie

Our chairman is well-versed in Chesterfield’s musical past. In this talk he will present an illustrated overview of every genre of music to be represented in the town over the years, with reference to the iconic venues where the performances took place.

November 21st

French Prisoners of War

Marjorie Dunn

French prisoners of war were paroled in Chesterfield from the early 1800s. Marjorie will talk about this sometimes forgotten era in Chesterfield’s history.

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