Rare photos of Horns Bridge reconstruction in 1932

We think that these three photographs were taken during reconstruction of the former Midland Railway’s Horns Bridge structure in 1932, though we’d welcome your comments.

We don’t know who the young lad is, being watched by the railway worker above, in our second photograph, but the third photograph gives a view, from the track of the Midland Railway ((MR) – which still remains today), of the former Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway’s (LDECR) Horns Bridge Viaduct. For three railways crossed in the vicinity – the LDECR the MR and the Great Central Railway. You can’t see the latter on these photographs.

For some more information on the Horns Bridge area see Peter Maycock’s and Les Elson’s excellent site . We’ve also attached an short article from the London Midland and Scottish Railway magazine from some date in 1932 or 1933.

Thanks to our secretary for these photographs which we don’t think have been published before. We have added them to our gallery page.

Work in progress on the Horn’s Bridge in 1932. There’s not much in the way of protection stopping peopel from falling off the edge of the wroking platforms.
Who’s the young chap being observed by the railway worker above, from on the deck of the former Midland (before that North Midland) Railway bridge? We don’t know, but does anyone out there?
Looking towards the LDECR viaduct from the track of the Midland Railway (MR) bridge. BY the time this photograph had been taken the MR had ben ‘grouped’ into the much larger London Midland and Scottish Railway.
An extract from the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Magazine of some date in 1932 or 1933.