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Our Chair’s musical interests

You may well know that David McPhie – our society chair – has wide-ranging interests including music. You might also know that he published a book ‘Sounds in the shadow of the Crooked Spire’ with Ian Lee in 2018. But in case you don’t know all this – a reminder that a few copies are still available from him at our CADLHS meetings.

The front and rear cover of David McPhie’s and Ian Lee’s book.

The book looks at the Chesterfield music scene in the 1960s and 1970s. It uses ‘the words of those who were there’, including David himself. It’s packed with reminiscences about what it was like to be involved with the popular music scene and includes illustrations of the groups and individuals concerned. Fully indexed, of A5 size it has some 288 pages. It costs a remarkably low £15.

David is now busy researching the dance-band era in Chesterfield.

We are certainly be looking forward to his talk to CADLHS on 17 October when he’ll be combining his musical interests into ‘100 years of Chesterfield Music‘ which will be an illustrated overview of every genre of music represented in the town over the years. He’ll also make reference to the venues where the performances took place.

Our Vice-Chair, Janet Murphy has also published a book on 50 of Chesterfield’s remarkable women. You can read about this book here.