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New book on Hasland to launch on 15 June

The front cover of the new Derbyshire Victoria County History book shows the now disappeared Spital House

Derbyshire Victoria County History will be publishing their new book on the history of Hasland next month. It should be a welcome addition to understanding the history of our area.

Until 19th-century boundary changes, the township (later civil parish) of Hasland (near Chesterfield) included not just what people think of as Hasland today but also Corbriggs and Winsick, Grassmoor, Birdholme and the St Augustine’s end of Boythorpe.

The launch event, which is free to attend, will be held on Wednesday 15th June starting at 7.30pm in the function room at the Devonshire Arms, Hasland.

The book will be a hardback A4 size, with some 200 pages, including colour plates and maps.

To find out more about the book visit

This map, from the book, shows the extent of the old Hasland parish (highlighted here) covered in the new publication.

LiDAR links

For those of you wanting to know more about LiDAR images mentioned by Colin Merrony in his excellent talk ‘2000 years in the Hope Valley’ on Monday May 16th, here’s a few pointers on how to access available images.

Firstly, take a look at… which a zoomable interactive map.

Colour images for the Chesterfield area can be found on Flicker. You will need to know the Ordnance Survey map reference – find this here by zooming in to the area of your choice –…

Then visit the Defra site on Flicker –…/environmentagencyopensu…/albums. Using the Flicker search function, type in the OS map reference. This will open the appropriate album. Note that the survey images are not complete and fairly low resolution. For example searching SK47SW (Brimington/Staveley area) will reveal only four images – with incomplete coverage.

Chesterfield and west of Chesterfield – SK37SE – has four images all complete. Some interesting features are revealed, but some need specialist knowledge to interpret.

For an explanation of some of the issues involved see…/airborne-remote…/lidar/

Dunston Hall history

Our colleagues over at the Chesterfield & District Civic Society have been looking at the history of Dunston Hall, as part of a planning application response.

Part of the out-buildings, the subject of the application, comprise a number of cruck frames – a type of timber construction. The civic society concludes that:

‘the survival of substantial remains of such an extensive range of cruck framed farm buildings associated with a well-documented gentry house is important, since so often such buildings have been swept away when the main house has been rebuilt or a modern home farm built. It would be unwise to claim that the buildings at Dunston are unique, but they appear to be the largest range of this type anywhere in north Derbyshire or south Yorkshire.

Source: Chesterfield and District Civic Society, Observations on Listed Building Application CHE/22/00111/LBC, Dunston Hall, Dunston Road, Chesterfield: Conversion of outbuilding into function room

To read about the history of Dunston Hall visit the civic society’s page on the planning application and download their observations report from the website.

The heroic story of Harry Young, Chesterfield’s last fallen warrior in the Great War

Paul Allonby has very kindly sent us the results of his research on New Whittington’s Harry Young. We’ve published this on our Facebook page and placed it in our ‘History Resources’ section on this website, where you can download this sad story. You can also download it as a pdf from the bottom of this page.

A contemporary image of Harry Young, taken from the Derbyshire Times.

Sub-Lt Harry Young was the last casualty from the Chesterfield area in the First World War. He was killed in action on November 10th 1918 near Mons.

Paul’s research is part of a feature for the ‘Royal Navy News’ which will be published in November 2022, but it has been amended to focus on Harry.

We’d like to thank Paul for sharing his work with us.

Posted 5 April 2022.

Our website and Facebook account – update

We’ve been busy updating and (we hope) improving our website and Facebook account This post explains what we have been doing and what we still want to do.

Our Facebook account.

The CADLHS logo has been reintroduced to our Facebook page

We have resolved issues with our Facebook account and will now be regularly updating it. It has a slightly new look on the home page – we have reintroduced the CADLHS logo.

If you’re not already ‘following us’ on Facebook perhaps you might visit the site and give it go:

Chesterfield & District Local History Society | Facebook

Our website: most pages have been updated.

Issues updated have included:

  • Current meeting event details.
  • Our meetings programme.
  • Our posts (the articles you see on our home page, such as this one) have had all the old non-relevant information removed.

Our website: we have rearranged how things are accessed on our menus.

The top black ribbon menu has been revised.

  • We have added a link to ‘History Resources’. These comprise short historical articles that were effectively buried in the site. These are now available as pdfs and will be added to in the coming months.
  • We have removed some information that is best dealt with on other sites (and we have linked to these). Examples removed include a list of Chesterfield’s mayors and of the town’s listed buildings.
  • ‘Our publications’ is a new page currently under construction, but it will feature a list of all our available history papers, occasional publications and our journal.
  • Finally on the top menu, the ‘links’ page (to other organisations) has been revised and updated.

The left-hand side menu is also slightly revised.

  • A link to our Facebook page (itself hopefully to be revitalised over the next few weeks) is now included.
  • Access to our latest and old newsletters is now just below the Facebook page link.
  • The ‘Chronicle of our town’s history’ has been reformatted and updated. It now covers the period up to 1938.
  • A link to a now non-functioning website has been removed. Other external website links remain unchanged, except that the Horns Bridge website has been linked (as that site is live).  

Our website: the members’ page has been removed.

We have, for now, removed the members’ page. This was never correctly set-up and there are currently issues around resourcing this feature. An attempt may be made to reactivate this in the future.

We have resolved our email problems.

The difficulties we have had with our emails has been resolved. You can now contact our chairman or secretary.

Things we still need to do.

There’re still some things to do including:

  • On our website; we need to add details on how to join the society, cost, benefits, etc.
  • On our website; we need to add details of our publications and their availability.

Though the website is in the hands of a ‘temporary’ webmaster we think that the content and links make a fairly sound basis on which to move the website forward.  

The society still requires a webmaster. If you are familiar with WordPress all the better. If not, basic training can be given. Please contact us if you are interested.

We hope that you approve of these changes. We’ll be keeping you posted on further developments.

First posted 27 March 2022. Revised 30 March 2022 and 3 April 2022 to reflect further progress on resolving our website and Facebook issues.

We need new members for our team

Things looked pretty good for the society in February 2020 – more members had joined and more people were attending meetings. But the Covid pandemic has taken its toll on our society and those who run it.

Now it is the time for a new beginning.

We now need to recruit a new team to take us forward.

Due to a combination of changing circumstances and long service, several members of the committee have confirmed that they are standing down at the next AGM in March.

So, we’re looking to put together a team of between 8-12 people. The skills needed ranges from chairing meetings, general administration, booking speakers, representing the society at events, finance, social media, website and more besides.

If you have a passion for the history of the local area, enjoy helping unlock latest research and information and sharing that with the community then please do get in touch.

Posted 15 March 2022, updated 3 April 2022. This post replaces an earlier post of 20 May 2021.